Is DSN available for ODBC if running ASP pages with MS Access database?
Yes, we do add DSN information if required. Please contact our technical team for details on how your account can be DSN enabled in order to allow you to built you own database application.

Your database should be uploaded into “/db” folder, if this folder does not exist please inform us. This folder will be set to non-browseable for security purpose.

Does your Windows 2000 / 2003 servers support ASP/ASP.NET?
Yes, we do support full native ASP and ASP.NET on IIS 5.0/6.0 servers.

/bin is also enabled for ASP.NET custom DLLs.

My ASP scripts won’t work, what went wrong?
Unlike CGI scripts, ASP do not require execute permissions to work correctly. For the Web Server to run the scripts correctly, ASP scripts must use the .asp filename extension.
Does your Windows 2000 / 2003 servers support PHP4?
Yes, we do support PHP4 on our fast response NT servers. The default file extension must be “.php” or “.php4”. If you have uploaded your PHP script with this extension and it still doesn’t work. Please contact us, your web site may need to be enabled for PHP scripting.
What features are supported on IT Works Internet web servers?
We support the following list of features:

How do I change my FTP password?
You can change your FTP password by logging into:

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