There are a lot of people that do web design in Singapore.
How do you know who you can trust to create your website in the right manner?
That is what you will get to know here so that you can come out ahead.

Navigation is key when it comes to keeping people on your website. If someone is able to find what they need in a few seconds, they will be likely to stick around and check out what the website has to offer. Try not to nest too many options in a menu because just one click out of the menu box can make the user have to deal with looking for the options all over again. Also don’t use Java or Flash menus, because if people don’t have that software they will not be able to get anywhere.

Watch the colors on your website, because too bright and distracting will be the last thing someone wants to deal with. As soon as someone sees neon colors in the background and obnixious fonts, they are going to go elsewhere. You may think that you have an artistic vision, but keep that to another medium. When people use websites, they go to them to get information and then get out of there. Think of if you walked into a restaurant with a really friendly exterior only to have flashing lights on the inside with obnoxious wallpaper. If you are able to make everything neutral and warm or cool, you will have a better chance at keeping the attention of visitors. Check out the science of color in marketing and branding.

Your page has to load in 2 or 3 seconds or you’ll find that people will back out. These days almost everyone has high speed Internet, but if you have a lot of things on your index page that make it take 5 or more seconds to load, people my begin to get frustrated. If you must share large graphics or videos, just have a link to the content explaining that it’s there and how large the files are.

People do have data plans, and if you’re designing a website that you expect others to use through a mobile device, you may find that if there is a lot of information they have to get you will lose a large portion of your visitors. Always have large content behind links that describe what the content is and how many megabytes the visitor will have to deal with when they click on it. Data can get expensive, and some mobile companies will make you pay a large fee if you go over your limits. Don’t risk getting your visitors angry and have links or small thumbnails they can click on if they wish to use their data on it.

Websites have to change from time to time, you can’t just have the same thing on your front page every day of the year. One way to solve this is to just make your index page a news section where you talk about what is going on with the website or in your niche. A blog about your company may be worthwhile to have on your website as well, and make sure that whoever writes this content is not stealing it from someone else.

Make backups of your website as you build it up, because you will run into problems over time. There are never websites that go off without a hitch when they first are built. Not to mention that people try to hack websites, and if they get into yours and start deleting files, you don’t want to have to code everything all over again. Begin working with a backup system that uploads files to the cloud, and have an external hard drive with your information on it. You shouldn’t overwrite your files as you update your backups just in case you need to go a little ways back to grab something that may have been lost.

The advice you got on web design in Singapore options you have should help you to get a website from point A to B. There are so many ways to go about making a website, so if you don’t have the time to learn everything it’s best to just hire pros.

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