Site Administration FAQ

  1. How do I login to my web site’s admin panel?
    Site Admin : http://www.yourdomainname/admin
    User Admin : http://www.yourdomainname/userNote :
    The Site Administrator is the main account holder for your web hosting account, you will login here to manage your files, email, database, and so on.

    The Site Admin can create user email box accounts. These email box users can login as “User Administrator” and set up mail forwarding, autoresponders, and other email related tasks.

  2. How do I access my shell account?

    You can SSH into your virtual server to perform basic unix file operations, one good SSH client to use would be PUTTY for windows, which you can download via this link :

    Use the following details:
    Hostname : www.yourdomainname
    Protocol : SSH
    Set SSH type to SSH2

    Login with admin@yourdomainname as the user name.
    Note : Using SSH requires that you work from a command line, if you are not familiar with Linux commands stick to the control panel instead.

  3. How do I password protect certain directories?

    Login to and click “Configure Apache”, then go to “Manage Groups” and create a group.

    Then go to “Manage Users,” and create a user in that group. Then go to “Protect Directories” and click the “lock” icon next to the directory you want to protect.

  4. How do I change my FTP password?

    To change your login password, go to:

    1. Login to site admin http://www.yourdomainname/admin
    2. Click on site summary > Change Administrator > And set your new password.

    Note: This changes the password for both ftp and SSH.

  5. I am having problems accessing the control panel.
    If you are unable to access the control panel, please disable any firewall or proxy server that you are using and try again. If you are behind a company network, please consult your administrator to enable port 19638.

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