Why is there no CGI-BIN folder in my web directory?
The folder for cgi-bin is mainwebsite_cgi (/var/www/cgi-bin)
What is the path of my default web directory for my domain name?
Personal web dir is /home/username
Root web dir is /var/www/html
My CGI’s won’t work, what went wrong?
– Make sure to have CHMOD your CGI’s to the correct value (e.g.:755).
– Upload your CGI files as “text” file via FTP. (ASCll mode)
– Your CGI file extension must be either “.pl” or “.cgi”.
My PHP scripts won’t work, what went wrong?
Unlike CGI scripts, PHP do not require execute permissions to work correctly. For the Web Server to run the scripts correctly, PHP scripts must use the .php filename extension.
How can I add a mailing list?
ou can add a mailing list by logging in to your control panel (CP). (Mailing list for windows hosting by default is not enable, you will need to send us an email in for us to enable it) (Hosting plan above e-budget is entitle for one mailing list, addition add on will be charge at $8/mailing list/month).
I need to know the location of the date command.
Point your path to /bin/date
While trying to access the “siteadmin” I get “ERROR 700 — The proxy-cache server is not configurated properly for SSL …” What is wrong?
Exclude your domain name from using a proxy server. Here a example if using IE4.0 or above:

  1. Go to “Tools” -> “Internet Options”\
  2. Click on “Connections”
  3. Choose your connection (Dial-Up or LAN)
  4. Choose “settings” and select the “advanced tab” to access the “proxy” option.
  5. Enter your domain name (e.g. www.mydomain.com) in the exceptions box.
  6. That should do the job.
What is the correct path to perl?
Perl is located at /usr/bin/perl
Where is sendmail located?
Sendmail is located at /usr/sbin/sendmail

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