1. How do I access webmail?
    To access your email accounts online : http://www.yourdomainname/webmail
  2. How do I setup a new email account?

    Login to http://www.yourdomainname.com/cpanel. (Replace yourdomainname.com with your actual domain name.)Under Email Management Tools, click on Add /Remove e-mail account(s).



    Enter the desired email address and password twice. Click Create account button.


  3. How do I password protect certain directories?

    Login to http://www.your_domain_name.com/cpanel.

    Under Security panel, click on Web Protect.


    Select the directory you want to protect or the folder icon to see subdirectories.


    Tick the checkbox “Password protects this directory:” and enter the name of the protected directory.


    Create a username and password.

    Click Add/modify authorized user button.

  4. What are the settings to use for accessing an email account I created?

    Use the following settings

    Incoming POP3/IMAP : mail.yourdomain.com
    Outgoing SMTP : mail.yourdomain.com

    username= user@yourdomainname.com
    pass= ####
    Put a Check in – My Server requires Authentication

  5. How do I create a catch-all email address?
    By default, a “catch-all” email account is set up with your initial user ID. This means that email sent to anything@yourdomain.com will be delivered to your primary ID. This can be modified in your control panel.
  6. I can receive emails but cannot send out any emails!
    You need to enable SMTP authentication to send out email successfully. This is an option in the configuration settings for your email program and usually says “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.”
  7. How do I create email redirect/forwarder/alias/autoresponder?
    Login to your cPanel, enter your username, domain name, and password. Locate Email Management Tools panel.

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