Top 13 Trends In Digital Marketing That Transpired in 2015

Marketing has evolved so much over the past decade. It is no longer limited to television, radio and print publications. The technology of this modern day has opened the door to a whole new world of marketing. Enter digital marketing—a field that encompasses various forms of marketing using digital technologies.

Digital marketing is the hottest and most talked about method of promoting products and services. Agencies who are already bored of traditional marketing take the plunge of trying this more innovative and latest marketing method. Basically, digital marketing is about advertising and promotions – the modern way.

And just like any form of media, there are various trends that evolved in the world of digital marketing this year 2015.

1. Personalized Experience

The interaction between brands and their target markets has become more evident this year. The ideas are more relevant, tailored and point to a very specific market. The top experts in digital marketing spent a lot of time considering every person’s profile, social behavior, application behavior, preferences, tastes, purchase history, even family and daily-life details.

2. Effective Segmentation Strategies

Segmentation means dividing the target market based on their profile, behavior, preferences, tastes, purchase history, and many other aspects. Segmentation in digital marketing is being done because it is impossible for a single company to target every market. Although segmentation in the world of digital marketing isn’t really a new trend, this year though, it has become more perceptible and effective.

3. Proper Marketing Retargeting

Retargeting means further encouraging the market to re-visit particular sites. If they come back to the sites where they have been before, they are also being influenced to complete their purchase – all over again. A good example of this is what Facebook does using the application called “Custom Audiences” or AdRoll. This trend has now become a normal and highly effective method of increasing conversion rates.

4. Increase in User-Generated Content

Content that is generated by the target market themselves is an essential key in structuring what is called a “social proof” of a brand. Social proof is a principle in Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence” which defines the innermost motivations of consumers. Digital marketers around the world strive to promote user-generated content as it shows how much their existing customers love interacting with their brand.

5. Focus on Interactive Content

Marketers will agree with this: interactive content has become a great way to help companies get more visitors, and not just any kind of visitors, but those who keep coming back. The digital marketing world didn’t waste time in placing quizzes, puzzles and other entertaining stuffs to both amuse and interact with their users.

6. High Quality and Engaging Content

Creating quality and valuable content is one of the best ways to reach out and connect with potential customers. Every person involved in the marketing world will definitely agree with this. In order to attract more visitors and keep their target markets coming back, digital marketing agencies enhance, improve and amplify their content.

7. Customer Marketing

The industry of customer marketing has made huge strides in 2014. And this year, it seems that it has collaborated with the digital world to create a whole new trend in the digital marketing industry. There is no doubt that many companies continue to reap success through the aid of digital marketing with a touch of customer marketing.

8. Perceptive Analysis

It isn’t new to use data in order to have a better understanding of the target markets’ preferences. But what sets this year’s marketing trend apart from the previous ones is its ability to utilize gathered data in creating predictive analysis.

9. Transparency

An important factor to acquire consumers’ trust is transparency. Customers love honest and reliable companies and websites. They keep coming back to the ones they believe to have noble intentions.  Once customers place their trust in you, expect a ripple of benefits, including the engagement in significant exchange of ideas with current, as well as potential customers.

10. Building Relationships Through Content

Today’s digital marketing strategies revolve around the use of content that are focused on connecting to consumers at a more emotional and personal level. This includes those that express primary human emotions such as love, happiness, loyalty and dedication. Many marketers use these to produce truly convincing and moving contents.

11. Effective Content Creation Strategy

In this digital generation, every marketer is considered a “writer.” Practically, everyone writes, from the chief content officer to writers under him. In the field of digital marketing, each word equates to money, each word makes a writer appear smart or stupid, each word tells the world who and what the writer is. Good writing skills and effective mastery of words is a vital aspect of digital marketing, that’s why digital marketers today make the best out of their writing abilities to target possible and current customers.

12. New Payment Methods

Perhaps, digital marketers offer new payment methods to be sure that their target markets respond to their marketing strategies by means of purchasing. Whatever is the reason, digital marketers never failed, because the public is always in for a new experience when it comes to payment procedures, especially with the popularity and convenience of using credit cards and paying online.

13. Utilization of Other Online Platforms Aside From Google

Don’t misinterpret this though. It doesn’t mean that Google is not effective anymore. But just as the saying goes, “nothing’s permanent,” Google is already on its way to decline after more than a decade of authority and control. Digital marketers today don’t rely purely on Google, which, many would agree, is a good move. In addition, it is advisable for digital marketers to limit relying on Google, and instead engage in more direct and personal forms of connecting with their current and prospective customers.

Change is inevitable, so these trends are bound to be taken over by new ones in the future. It is not surprising that in the coming years, new digital marketing trends will materialize to meet the demands of this modern world.

Last but not least, watch out for the future ‘Personalised Marketing’ and IoT aka Internet of Things.

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