In this age of information, websites have become a critical part of any company or individuals. Choosing a domain name for your website is becoming almost as important as naming your company. It, therefore, requires a lot of thought and consideration before landing on the right decision. The domain name you chose is going to be your identity online, and because of this you want to get a domain name that matches your business.
Here are some of the simple ways to make the best of your domain name. By the way, you don’t have to pay for your domain name, as IT Works Interactive having been offering free domain name for over 10 years now since 2001.

The first thing to do is to name your brand. You need to consider the URLs that are available to you, and then choose the brand name accordingly. Creativity is important in this process, do some research to know who else is using a domain name that is similar to the one you are about to choose. Be innovative and creative while choosing the name, just the same way you would be when naming your products. Using keywords works well. Keywords are the words that describe the services offered by your company. This helps to improve your ranking on search engines hence increase traffic to your site.

Make it as short and easy as possible. Don’t try using words that are hard to spell, long, complicated or clever words unless you want it to be forgotten easily. Shorter versions are easier to remember than longer ones. If you find it hard to find a short version that still sells your brand, go for the shortest in the list of domain names you have to choose from. Do your brand a favor, forget all the cutesy names, and don’t include numerals at all. Best thing to do is to use a single name with only one spelling.

Use appropriate extension for your domain name. Domains are the suffixes such as .com, .net, .org, etc. these extensions have specific uses, and, therefore, chose the correct one that fits what your company does. The most common domain name extension is the .com, but are other common ones that include:

– .org: for non-profit organization or non-commercial organizations
– .com: for company, community, or commerce
– .net: for internet infrastructure sites or technical companies
– .biz: for commercial or business use, for example in e-commerce websites
– .me: for resumes, personal sites, and blogs
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You should as well protect your brand. This means, purchasing many top domain extensions (including misspelled versions of your domain name). This protects you, by preventing other competitors from purchasing other versions of the same. It also makes sure that your clients are always taken to your site, even when they wrongly type the URL.

Consider purchasing premium domains. Premium domains are those that belonged to someone else previously but have been released for sale. There are reasons as to why they are premium, some might be simple to memorize, and others might have good rankings on the search engines. Despite that they are more expensive, they for sure are much more valuable compared to the monetary value attached to them.

If by chance you find your domain name of choice gone, try adjusting it using prefixes, suffixes or modifiers. For example, if is gone, then try or This technique has been used by many successful sites on the internet that could not afford their first choice domain name, therefore, do not lock yourself out.

You are sure to get the best out of your domain name now.
Be sure to match the domain name to the brand you are selling.
Choose a domain name that would get a person identify it to a brand the instant they see it.

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