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You’re an expert at HTML or graphic design, and interested in a web hosting business?

No problem.

Web Servers

You can design a complex website in your sleep but administrating servers, setting up routers and configuring mail or web servers?

It’s not exactly your style.

Thanks to IWI Reseller Solutions, this can be simplified for you!

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Introducing our web hosting Reseller Wholesale Plan

Web Hosting Resellers (Bulks)

Our reseller solutions allow you to host UNLIMITED domain names on your account. There is no quota limit on each email account you created. The allocated total disk space quota are shared between your web, email and database.

Host Unlimited Domain Names

Anonymous Name Servers (NS1 & NS2)

Unlimited Email Accounts

Set your own pricing and resell while we provide you with support

No quota per email created

Web control panel for you and your customers (view demo)

Unlimited FTP accounts

Unlimited MySQL Database Account

Minimum Monthly Payment: S$40
Platform: Linux
Add-on Domains Supported: No
Parked Domains: Unlimited
Monthly Data Transfer: Unmetered
Parked Domains: Unlimited
Storage Space per cPanel Account
5GB: S$4 per month
20GB: S$7 per month
40GB: S$14 per month
80GB: S$28 per month
120GB: S$42 per month
160GB: S$56 per month


Server side includes (SSI)

Secure socket layer (SSL)

Full CGI-BIN access

MS FrontPage server extensions

Full .htaccess usage

Unlimited FTP Account

Unlimited MySQL database

Web-Based database management

Unlimited email accounts

NO minimum email quota

Unlimited email forwarding

Unlimited email aliases

Unlimited email autoresponders

Unlimited mailing lists

Web-based email

SPAM filters


Usage reports

Site reports

Traffic monitoring

Log files

Site statistics

Perl, PHP4, Python

System file backup

Ensim administrator

Remote access

Technical support

1.5GHz Redhat Linux server

99.7% Uptime guarantee

24/7 Network monitoring

Secured server checks

Server resource checks

d at Starhub IDC

  • All pricing quoted are in Singapore Dollar (SGD).
  • One time setup fee.
  • No charge for upgrade or downgrade of plans
  • Resellers are responsible for their customer's domain name registration.
  • Monthly payment basis

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