Here’s a quick guide on how to add an email account with Outlook 2013 with POP.
STEP 1. Open your Outlook 2013 and Click File.
STEP 2. Click Add Account.
STEP 3 : Manually configure the email account by selecting “Manually configure server settings or additional server types“.

[CLICK] “Next >“.

STEP 4 : Choose Service


[CLICK] “Next >“.

STEP 5 : POP and IMAP Account Type Settings



STEP 6 : Internet E-mail Settings

Your Name : “Your name as you want it to display on email messages”.
E-mail Address : “Your email address”.
Incoming mail server : “”. (Replace with your actual domain name.)
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) : “”. (Replace with your actual domain name.)
User Name : “Your email address”.
Password : “Your email password”.
[DO NOT ENABLE] “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)”.

Remember password is optional.

[CLICK] “More Settings…”.
STEP 7 : Click Outgoing Server tab.

[ENABLE] “My outgoing server requires authentication”.
[SELECT] “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”.

STEP 8. Click Advanced tab.


Incoming server (POP3) : [ENTER] 110

This server requires an encrypted connection: Uncheck

Outgoing server (SMTP) : [ENTER] 25

Use the following type of encrypted connection: None

Modify Delivery status
STEP 9 : Internet E-mail Settings

STEP 10. [CLICK] “Next”.

[CLICK] “Close”.

STEP 11 : Congratulations!

IMAP account set-up (Office Outlook 2013)

[CLICK] “Finish”.
Your email is now setup for Office Outlook 2013!

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