iPhone 6s/6s Plus/7s/7s Plus.


If this is the first email account you’re setting up on your iPhone, [TAP] “Mail”.
Otherwise, from the Home screen, [TAP] “Settings”.

STEP 1 : Settings Screen

On the Settings screen,
[TAP] “Mail”.


STEP 2 : Mail screen

On the Mail screen, under Accounts,

[TAP] “Add Account”.




STEP 3 : Welcome to Mail screen


On the Welcome to Mail screen,
[TAP] “Other”.


STEP 4 : Add Mail Account


[TAP] “Add Mail Account”.


STEP 5 : New Account



Enter your account information using your keypad.

Name : [ENTER] “Your name as you want it to display on email messages”.
Address : [ENTER] “Your email address.”.
Password : [ENTER] “Your password”.
Description : [ENTER] “Description of this email address.”
The description displays in your email account list on your IPHONE.

STEP 6 : New AccountIMG_3742[TAP] “Next”.

STEP 7 : New Account




STEP 8 : Incoming Mail Server InformationIMG_3744


Host Name : [ENTER] “mail.yourdomain.com”.
User Name : [ENTER] “Your full email address as your user name”.
Password : [ENTER] “Your password for your email account”.

STEP 9 : Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Information



Host Name : [ENTER] “mail.yourdomain.com”.
User Name : [ENTER] “Your email address”.
Password : [ENTER] “Your password”.

 [TAP] “Next”.
NOTE : The user name and password for your outgoing server is the same as the user name and password you have entered for the incoming server.
STEP 10 : Save Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Information



[TAP] “Save”.

STEP 11 : Verify Account



At this point, verifying of the account should fail and you will be prompt the following :
[TAP] “Yes” to proceed with the setup without SSL.

STEP 12 : Save Account


IMG_3748Continue to save the account first.

IMG_3749STEP 13 : Advanced Settings


To access the settings of the account that you have just created,
[TAP] “the account name >” follow by “the account name >”.

STEP 14 : SMTP Setting



[SCROLL] to the bottom and [TAP] “SMTP >”.

STEP 15 : SMTP Setting
[TAP] “Primary Server” to go into the SMTP settings.

STEP 16 : SMTP Setting

In the Outgoing Mail Server settings, check the following : “Use SSL” is set to OFF.
“Authentication” is set to Password.
STEP 17 : SMTP Setting
IMG_3762[REMOVE] the Default Server Port and [CHANGE] to“25”, if not correct.STEP 18 : SMTP Setting

[TAP] “Done”.

STEP 19 : SMTP Setting



[SCROLL] to the bottom and [TAP] “Advanced >”.

STEP 20 : Advanced Setting

IMAP account set-up

In the Incoming settings, check the following : “Use SSL” is set to OFF.
“Authentication” is set to Password.
STEP 21 : Advanced Settings
[REMOVE] the Default Server Port and [CHANGE] to “143”, if not correct.
STEP 22 : Advanced Settings
[TAP] the upper left hand corner tab to go back.
STEP 23 : Setup Complete
Your mail is now setup for IPHONE.
STEP 24 : Check Emails
Go back to your main mail icon and check for emails.
If you are connected to the internet, you should be able to retrieve your emails.

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