What version of Perl is supported on your NT server?
  • Our servers are all installed with ActivePerl Win32-Alpha/Intel built 6.16.
  • Our Perl is located in C:\perl\bin.
  • Our servers are installed with ActivePerl from ActiveState.
  • Our policy is to maintain updated copies of Perl at all times.
How can I make use of your ColdFusion Server?
ColdFusion is available on all our Windows based servers. You will need to upload your .CFM files to access the ColdFusion server. However you may have upload restrictions based on your web hosting package.

Please note CFLOCK must be implemented in your Coldfusion scripts, and we have also disabled certain tags for security reasons. Please contact our technical support for more details.

My cgi’s don’t run on your server, please help me!
In order to run your cgi’s on our server you need to ensure that:

  • your account has custom bin access.
  • your cgi files are perl files (*.pl).
  • your perl files are for NT based servers.
  • You know the correct path to your folders. (e.g.: i:\usr\domain_name\bin\custom\)
Does your server support SSI scripts?
YES our servers support SSI scripts on your webpages; however you need to rename your html files to *.shtml in order to get your “server side include” scripts executed on your html pages.
I have uploaded my perl files, but they won’t work.
Please ensure that:

  • You have the correct DOS path (e.g.: i:\usr\whatever\bin\custom).
  • Your file extension are “pl” or “cgi”. File names ending with pl and cgi are associated with Perl.
  • You have uploaded your scripts in text mode (not binary mode).
  • Your “../bin/custom folder has been activated.

5. I have uploaded my perl files, but they won’t work.

I would like to upload my cgi files, however my FTP account does not allow me to, what went wrong?
You must have your /CUSTOM folder activated. Please contact our Administrator for further details on your access rules. You may only upload files ending with *.pl or .cgi (perl files). The following file extensions are not valid: exe, dll, bat, com, ini.
May I use a different file extension for my virtual server?
All new accounts created support multiple index support. You upload either “index.htm, index.html, index.shtml (required for SSI) index.aspx or default.asp.

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