What is my pop3 and smtp server?
Your settings should be as follows:

  • POP3 Server : mail.your_domain_name.com
  • SMTP Server : mail.your_domain_name.com
Help! I lost my password, what should I do now?
If you lost your password you can sent us an email (custcare@iwi.com.sg) to request a reset of your password.

Please note however the request must come from an existing email address in your domain or from the domain’s registered email address.

My Mailbox is full of spam emails!
Please sent us a copy of the email that you have received at (custcare@iwi.com.sg), we will investigate and ban the originator of the email if needed.
Is my mailbox protected from viruses?
Yes, We currently scan incoming mails for viruses to your mailbox. For more security measures, you may like to ensure that you have also installed a anti-virus protection e.g. Norton Anti-virus on your system to protect against viruses.
How do I change my password?
You can do so by logging in to your control panel (CP).

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