Email forwarding, otherwise known as email aliases, is a feature that IWI provide to all web hosting and email hosting accounts. With this feature, users can automatically forward emails to their set aliases.

IWI provides the email forwarding feature for all web and email hosting accounts. This feature is also known as Email Alias, which allows you to forward emails to other email accounts.

Common use cases for Email Forwarders:

  • Staff List – e.g. to forward all emails to all employees
  • Department List – e.g. to forward to all sales employees in IWI
  • Work reassignment during abscence – e.g. email forward to when Daniel is away.

External Email Address Fowarding

These are the ways you can forward your emails to other email addresses:

  • Forward to other email addresses that are under your other hosting services
  • Own a Dedicated IP (S$10/MTH) – an unique IP Address

The above methods allow you to forward emails to external email addresses. Please feel free to contact us at for further assistance.

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