Practical Tips to Boost your E-Commerce Brand’s Customer Experience

Want to build a highly profitable and successful e-commerce business that your customers will love? Besides offering a product that solves a problem, it’s also important to invest in shaping a positive experience for customers before and after they purchase something from your E-Commerce store.

Customer experience refers to the interaction between you and your customers during the entire span of the relationship. Customers will often judge you based on the kind of interaction they have with you.


Why Does Customer Experience Matter to E-commerce?

When customers are happy, they are more likely to purchase again, stay loyal and even go as far as recommend your brand to their friends. A customer experience that’s anything less than stellar may lead to less site traffic, sales and ultimately, poor ROI.

So, if you want to generate more awesome interactions with your customers, focus on improving the customer experience for your e-commerce brand. In today’s post, we’ll show you some practical tips to make your e-commerce store truly stand out with an amazing customer experience.


Make your website smooth, fast and easy to navigate.

One thing’s obvious: no one wants to wait for a website that takes forever to load. In this age where everyone wants a fast access to information, a slow-loading website will surely lead to less traffic and poor e-commerce sales.

To drive more conversion and boost customer experience, make sure to optimise your website for speed and performance across all types of devices and browsers. More users are now seen shopping through their smartphones, so it makes sense to create a seamless mobile experience for your customers.

Your goal here is to make the entire shopping process for your customers simple, easy and fast. Work on reducing the number of steps involved right from when they land your sales page until checkout. Avoid lengthy sales copies that might divert them from moving their products to their shopping carts. Here’s a checklist you can follow a seamless website experience:

  • Review your website’s speed score by scanning it on Google’s PageSpeed Insights or Vary. Take note and work on your site’s weaknesses especially for the page load time and speed.
  • Observe the number of steps involved when buying any product from your website. Find out which of these steps you can merge or delete completely. Use tools like User Testing to get some feedback.
  • Optimize your website for mobile. This one you should never skip. Use Mobile-Friendly Test page to check how your site looks on mobile devices.
  • Do an A/B test between long-form and simplified page copy to know which one offers better conversion for your marketing strategies.


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Provide Value-Rich Content

What online consumers are actually buying is not the product per se, but the solution to their problem. They don’t always buy the first product they see as they want to make an informed decision before purchasing anything.

As an e-commerce store, you want to propel your brand as a trusted resource for your customers. To do this, you have to create a compelling content strategy that adds value to your target audience. Let’s say your specific niche is photography, your content strategy can include how-to tutorials for beginners, camera reviews, videos, webinars and podcasts on how to take better photos. Make sure that you create high-quality content that’s relevant to the topic.

Your content doesn’t have to be always product-oriented. When your content provides a solution to their problem, there’s a good chance that you can convert casual visitors into regular customers. Set a schedule to publish content regularly and share them on your social media profiles, email newsletters community forums, etc.


Stay Active on Social Media

An awesome way to get real interactions with both fans and customers is through social media. Having dedicated social media profiles is now the norm and we recommend that you have at least one to encourage customers to stay in touch with your business.

Assign someone from your team to monitor any mentions or relevant conversation surrounding your brand. Use it to reply to questions, share new products, or respond to unsatisfied customers. Social media may seem trivial and time-consuming at first, but when used right, it is a great tool to build loyalty and increase engagement with customers.


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Personalize Marketing Campaigns

Another way to create a genuine customer experience is by reinforcing personalization to your marketing campaigns. This method has already been widely practiced by many e-commerce brands in the recent years. The idea behind it is to customize the experience for each person viewing the marketing campaign–taking into account their demographic and at what stage they are in the buying cycle.

Personalization zeroes in on what customers want; offering an experience that’s genuine and personalized for each person.  Check out these tools you can use to enable personalization to your e-commerce site:

  • Hustle – it’s tagged as the “ultimate marketing plugin” for email campaigns, lead generation, and social media following. Create a customised pop-ups, slide-ins, email opt-ins, widgets and shortcodes that target different audiences.
  • Zendesk – Widely known for its stellar customer service features, Zendesk provides a one-on-one support on different platforms (email, phone, social media and live chat). Any ordinary customer inquiry will automatically turn into a ticket. Get an overall view of each customer–their contact information, buying history and previous tickets in one database.
  • Salesforce –  Harnessing the power of predictive analytics and predictive modeling, Salesforce aims to understand each customer’s preferences and suggest related products on multiple channels (websites, emails, etc.). 


Establish an Online Community or Cause

Another way to create a memorable customer experience is to establish a community or support a cause that your business believes in. People love it when companies go beyond being profit-oriented by supporting a charitable cause, promoting certain lifestyle or culture, or creating a community where your audience can participate in. The goal of having a community is to make your audience feel a sense of belongingness and that they are part of something worthwhile.

Ask customers for reviews

Customer reviews help businesses assess what areas they’re great at and those that need some improvement. Most first-time customers who need more about a product or service often read reviews to help them in their buying decision. People are likely to trust other customer’s real experience more than what’s on an advertisement.

Implementing a review strategy allows you an advantage to delight customers. The more good reviews you have, the more you can convince other people to buy your products.


Provide Customer Support even when You’re Not Available

It’s a must to have a customer support even when your team is not available. Make sure that you have an option for a DIY Support for customers such as having an updated Knowledge Base, or a page dedicated to answering Frequently Asked Questions or other common questions. Just make sure that all KB content is always updated. By doing so, you reduce the number of tickets on queue, giving your customers the options to resolve any issues by themselves.

In Summary

Customers are now better informed because they know that they have the information right at their fingertips. They expect websites to be fast and secure each time they shop online. They want personalized interaction that resonates the values that believe in.  By following these tips we mentioned, you are on your way to delighting customers.


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