Digital marketing in simple terms involves increasing the visibility of a product, or rather advertising new brands and products through the various forms of electronic media. These include interfaces that can be accessed by phones, computers and machinery that can link to the internet. As if already mentioned, internet is the most used channel in digital marketing, others include; mobile application marketing, electronic billboards on highways, podcasts, instant mobile messaging and digital television advertising. All these are the electronic media platforms that boost the existence of digital marketing.

With advancement in technology, there has been a revolutionary trend in how marketing is done to make sure it reaches the client. A decade ago, many forms of analog advertising was being practiced, i.e. the pictorial billboards, use of brochures and radio broadcast advertising. They were used to disseminate information, but its coverage was soon overtaken by the digital marketing technology. Generally it is a fact that some of these forms are facing extinction due to the emergence of other options.

Currently, digital marketing is essential in all the marketing strategies laid by prominent companies and organizations. This emergent issue is attributed to its various advantages.

First, the use of digital media to advertise has allowed consumers to acquire information at any time and any place that one desires.

Secondly, the use of electronic media assures a company increased rate of coverage of customer base, this is attributed to the ever growing characteristic of electronic media as it provides news, entertainment and gossips as well.

Analysis of online marketing over time has shown a revolutionary growth in the use of electronic media as its main platform. Other forms such as TV and Radio ads have proved to be obsolete due to limited coverage, inaccessibility of the devices as well and limitation on the tracking of statistics.

We will give you the insight of what the online marketing world will be involved in, come the year 2016.
To pinpoint the expected outlook of the marketing strategy, it is recommend that the actions ought to be taken to fit in the situation.

To start, it’s evident that digital commerce and online marketing will be interlinked to ease the procedure of acquiring products online. Online marketers will provide an all-round platform, where one can check the product and buy it at once on the same site. This will be attributed to online paying points such as PayPal, which will play a big role in handling commercial transactions. This cohesion should be applied by marketing agencies and departments to boost efficiency.
This leads us the internet of things. The Internet of Things (aka IoT) is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. These “things” will be able to keep track, monitor and order on your behalf when you are going to use up, comsume or finished something in the next few days.

Next, The use of blogs is expected to increase. This is attributed by the ability of blogs to connect with the customer.  Blogs have single handedly managed to drive a huge traffic to a particular person or single entity in the marketing world. We have witnessed the use of blogs in fashion industry, and social life sites. This is expected to extend its operations deeply in the marketing world. It is therefore advisable to develop these powerful form, to enable you fit in the marketing society of 2016.

2016 in some way will prove to be the year that marketing innovation will come to light. Just to mention a few, there is the use technology to come up with automatic content recognition and artificial intelligence for marketing. These among others are the cutting edge trends expected to take root in 2016. Incubation for such innovations have already been establish and it’s projected that their full blown use will be witnessed, come 2016.

New official marketing platforms will also be established and standardized. Snapchat for instance has proven to be a site that has many users improve their marketing experience in a fun and socializing way. The ability of Snapchat to provide real time information has made it the most eyed online marketing platform. Its use will be maximized on the year 2016 as many sources suggest.  As many people have mentioned, Snapchat is the only social site that make target market feel connected and unique at the same time.

Going mobile can’t be left behind in the preceding year. Mobile marketing enables consumers to acquire information in a time and location sensitive manner. The use of short massage services has particularly increased over time and its emphasis can’t be missed in the year 2016. Mobile messages can be easily synthesized in the shortest time possible and therefore, implementing its information is quick as well. Watch out for this section as you strategize your digital marketing plan.

In fact, social media has proven time over time that it is the most preferable way to do online marketing. The use of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter has never let any institution down since its traffic is always at a high value. It’s even projected that come 2016, Facebook will develop its own search engine to allow consumers to have a wider network to search for information.

Last but not least, in China, just watchout for WeChat!

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