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We pride ourselves on making sure that any issues that you face are resolved as soon as possible, and that your websites run smoothly and properly. At IWI, you don’t have to worry about your website — leave that part to us.

The response rate was prompt.

Milly Tan,

Your services were very good without any hiccups. Thank you!

Srinivas Bhakta

Your services were very good without any hiccups. Thank you!

Srinivas Bhakta

Quick response. Settled the issue and was very helpful.

Christian Nopia

Thank you for the prompt support.

Poh Dhey Kiow

Good and fast response.

Ray Louis

Great. Gave me what I needed. Thanks!

Benjamin Lim

Excellent support from Immanuel.

Chin Chun Pui

Time support with clear resolution.

Chin Chin Lim

My correction of registrant was done promptly and correctly. Thanks.

Victor Wong

Good problem-solving initiative. Shows flexibility to cater to client's need. 2 thumbs up!

Sock Mey Ng

Very good and quick response from the technical team that solved my 2 days problems.


Very patient and knowledgeable team.


Great job.

Ray Louis

Good service.


Very quick response. Thanks.

Craig Garlick

Thanks for your excellent technical support and patience.


Excellent help. Thank you

Alex Bruce,

Good. Effective follow up from the start to end. Thank you.

Richard Goh,

Fast and job well done.

Jeremy Yap,


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