Practical Tips to Boost your E-Commerce Brand’s Customer Experience
In Blog, Digital Marketing December 20, 2017

Want to build a highly profitable and successful e-commerce business that your customers will love? Besides offering a product that solves a problem, it’s also important to invest in shaping a positive experience for customers before and after they purchase something from your E-Commerce store. Customer experience refers to the interaction between you and your…

5 Conversion Rate Optimization Myths Debunked
In Blog, Digital Marketing November 07, 2017

  If you’ve grown a decent traffic from your website for some time now, it’s only natural to want to optimize it for conversion. Today, digital marketers no longer see Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) as just another hyped metric. It is something that every business should understand thoroughly if they want to boost their overall…

7 Tips to Build a Compelling Email Marketing Strategy
In Blog, Digital Marketing September 14, 2017

  Email may be the oldest marketing tool there is but it’s still one of the most powerful platforms to reach customers. Before newcomers such as social media came into existence, email already dominated in the digital ecosystem.  With more than 4 billion emails accounts created in 2017, it is expected to grow at 5…

Digital Marketing Outlook for 2016
In Digital Marketing October 23, 2015

Digital marketing in simple terms involves increasing the visibility of a product, or rather advertising new brands and products through the various forms of electronic media. These include interfaces that can be accessed by phones, computers and machinery that can link to the internet. As if already mentioned, internet is the most used channel in…

Video Marketing Trends That Will Rock 2016
In Digital Marketing October 15, 2015

Video marketing is one of the increasingly popular content marketing strategies that every marketer has to embrace today to remain relevant in the field/online. According to experts, this trend won’t die anytime soon, as more and more marketing techniques and strategies are bound to surface in 2016.  One of the reasons why video marketing is…

Search Engine Optimization In 2016 – Your Ultimate Guide
In Digital Marketing October 08, 2015

With 2016 just around the corner, and volatile search engine algorithms being as temperamental as ever – many people are worried about what the future holds for SEO. However, many professionals within the industry aren’t panicking at all, and thanks to careful monitoring of the latest trends, a few are confidently predicting what 2016 may…

Future Projections of Social Media Marketing
In Digital Marketing September 17, 2015

The popularity of social media as a marketing tool springs from the fact that it offers businesses the ability to reach out to is customers, by their masses, in a conversational and friendly approach. Social media was once a straightforward affair that gave virtually prompt results without so much noise or hassle. Today things are…

Top 13 Trends In Digital Marketing That Transpired in 2015
In Digital Marketing September 03, 2015

Top 13 Trends In Digital Marketing That Transpired in 2015 Marketing has evolved so much over the past decade. It is no longer limited to television, radio and print publications. The technology of this modern day has opened the door to a whole new world of marketing. Enter digital marketing—a field that encompasses various forms…

Why Mobile Application Developments?
In Digital Marketing July 30, 2015

The digital world is constantly changing. One of the major benefits of technology is the fact that there is always something new. For instance, the mobile industry delivers something new each and every day. People always demand something new and better. Very few people can use a mobile cell phone for more than a year….

Simple Ways to Make Best of Domain Names
In Digital Marketing July 02, 2015

In this age of information, websites have become a critical part of any company or individuals. Choosing a domain name for your website is becoming almost as important as naming your company. It, therefore, requires a lot of thought and consideration before landing on the right decision. The domain name you chose is going to…