Web design can be frightening, just the sheer amount of new procedures and acronyms emerging every day can make it seem really scary and complicated. But don’t worry – help is at hand in the method of easy-to-understand web design training resources on the web.

There are many programs to web design training, some paid and some free; some interactive, some not; some text-based and others on video. Which means it can be difficult working out where to go and what to learn.

To make it easier for you, we have gathered the 5 best places on the web to learn basic HTML/CSS!





Although most of the training sites look colorful and attractive, W3Schools looks a bit dull and flat at first glance. But if you are looking to start from the beginning with the most fundamental lessons, the site offers a steady series of interactive tutorials that explains everything in plain and simple language. More importantly, you will be able to edit and test each CSS/HTML codes directly in the editor of their website, so you can see how the tiniest changes can affect how a web page appears in the browser.






Codecademy defines itself as the ‘easiest way to learn how to code’ and has established a great reputation for itself within the web design community. A free web design training resource runs through the track of building websites, games, and apps in an engaging way. Easing users in gently with a very basic first lesson to actually building a recent version of Airbnb’s website while learning about CSS framework – Bootstrap.  The team at Codecademy also understand the power of a badge, giving them at various key points in the training.

Codecademy has a fairly small amount of courses available. Most practice a specific programming language from beginning to end, but the site also offers two courses on how to make a website with no experience of development at all. If you are more on learning stuff by doing it, then Codecademy might be the best way to go.





Want to learn how to build a simple web browser in just a few weeks? With Udacity the training is completely free and is led by expert professors from Stanford University and the University of Virginia. Each course has a timeline with student support community, self-paced learning, and interactive quizzes.

Instead of learning the usual pattern of other tutorials that you find on the internet where HTML and CSS are taught with a focus on language syntax, Udacity focuses on where to actually start and how to approach the task, to be able to learn how to think like a front-end developer.

The courses will let you learn how to convert digital design mockups to static web pages, approach page layouts, break down a design mockup into page elements and implement it to HTML and CSS.




Best Places Beginners Learn Basic HTML/CSS


This is a very comprehensive guide when it comes to learning HTML & CSS. It starts with a short intro to HTML, CSS, and document structure and ends with a lot of information on ‘how to write your best code’. The examples in this guide are very clear and well-written. Another pro is the nice set of additional resources and links for further reading. If this course is too easy for you, you can also go on and follow the ‘ShayShowe’s Learn to Code Advanced HTML & CSS‘.

Designer/developer Shay Howe put together a set of free lessons to help you learn the basics of HTML and CSS as well as more advanced techniques to improve your abilities. Each lesson walks you through various ideas, giving code-based and visual illustrations to help you understand. When you complete each, Shay offers additional resources so you can keep learning more about HTML and CSS beyond his guides. Whether you’re looking to get started or improve your skills, check them out. His guides are very systematic, thorough, and effective.




Best Places Beginners Learn Basic HTML/CSS


This is a video-based service, extending web design training in HTML and CSS, web development and creating iOS apps using Objective-C and Xcode, all are presented in a clear and easy to navigate user interface.

Treehouse charges a subscription for its services, but the videos are very professionally presented, and you get lessons covering nearly all aspect of web design and development.

Not only does Treehouse produce excellent content but there’s also a competition element to the site that tests you on what you’ve learned and compensates you with achievement badges. So if you need extra urge to learn, this is a great site to use.



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