Clock Format
Digit Date Format Time Formats

0 No format No format
1 96-12-24 15:23
2 961224 03:23 PM
3 24.12.96 03:23 PM
4 24/12/96 N.A
5 12/24/96 N.A
Time Zone Format
Time Zone Country / Zone

-8 Pacific time (US & Canada)
-7 Mountain time (US & Canada)
-6 Central time (US & Canada)
-5 Eastern time (US & canada
-4 Atlantic time (Canada)
1 Western Europe
2 Eastern Europe
3 Moscow
8 Singapore
9 Japan

Add A Digital Clock

Installation Guide

The script has been pre-installed for your virtual server.

Calling the script:
<img src=”/cgi-public/Clock.exe?font=digits/neat&fmt=11&tz=8″>

Here the GIF characters is fetched from the directory ‘neat’.

This specifies the Time’n’Date format wanted. The first digit specifies the date format and the second digit specifies the time format.

If fmt= is omitted a value of 00 is used. This will return a 1×1 pixel transparent GIF.

tz=0 (Optional)
This specifies the time zone relative to GMT in hours. A value of 0 results in GMT.

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