Shared Hosting Files and Folders Restoration Last 7 days Retention/Restore (subject to availability) – S$250 per website restoration

Jet Backup Files & Folders 

  • One-time Free IWI-assisted restoration per month
  • subsequent restoration request will be S$25 one-time cost

VPS Files and Folders Restoration Last 7 days Retention/Restore (subject to availability) – S$250 per restoration request

Managed Restoration and Site Cleanup – S$120 per request for a single website

Reinstatement and Restoration for Terminated Accounts – up to S$150 per request per restoration (subject to availability of the backup)

Retrieval of Log Files – S$500 processing fee

Hosting Service

Operating System Reload – S$50 per request (24-hours Turn Around)
– S$150 per request (4-hours Turn Around)

Website Updates – Flexible Pricing
– S$50 per 30 Mins
– S$100 per 60 Mins

Professional Services (System Administration) – S$50 per hour

SSL Installation

  • Free, if SSL Certificate is purchased from IWI
  •  S$25 per SSL Certificate if purchased from external providers

Software Installation and Validation –

  • ffMPEG – S$250 per request
  • Memcache – S$250 per request
  • APC – S$250 per request
  • Tomcat – S$250 per Software request
  • Rails – S$250 per Software request
  • IWI Code Extract Encapsulation – S$100 per Software request
  • Redis – S$250 per request

Website Migration (Static) – 1 Domain Name – S$50 per Website request

Migration (Dynamic) – 1 Domain Name – S$150 per cPanel request

Migration (Non-Full Backup Enabled Transfers) – 1 Domain Name – S$50 per Email request

Migration (per Email Account)  – S$10 per Email Account (All emails in all folders covered)

Hosting Accounts

Late  Fee – 10% late fee charge for payments overdue for 60 days

Website/Application Administration

 Static Website Update (Footer update, Banner update) – S$50 per 30 minutes
– S$100 per 60 minutes

Dynamic Website Software Update – S$50 per request

  • Applicable to WordPress only
  • Includes update Versioning Requests
  • Includes Applications/Plugins

Dynamic Website Software Update (No Plugins) – S$2,500 per request

Securing Dynamic Website Login Interface (Password Protect Directories) – S$25 per request

Force Reset For Web Application Administrator Password – S$25 per request

Switch WordPress Base Directory – S$25 per request

  • Eg., domain/up to domain/

Create Under Construction Index Page (HTML) – S$25 per request

Force HTTP-to-HTTPS Web site Redirection – includes Internal Conversion Link – S$250 per request

Create/Edit .htaccess Rules – S$25 per request

Create/Edit Custom php.ini – S$25 per request

Disable Google XML SiteMap – S$25 per request

Database Administration

Import MySQL Database – S$50 per request

Export MySQL Database – S$50 per request

Execute MySQL Database Commands – S$50 per request   

Audit Services

Web/FTP Server Logs Audit

  • Basic/Business Service Plans Only – S$500Complete Server Logs Audit
  •  VPS/DSS – $500Submission

For Delisting of DNSBL/RBLs – VPS/DSS$100

Account/Server-Wide Anti-Malware Scan – S$250

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