Everyone needs a website – whether you’re about to get started with your online business, or a small to medium-sized business owner, you need a place to showcase your products and services online.

While it is true that setting up a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and other social media services can help you build your online presence, a website helps you create a ‘professional’ and ‘credible’ name for yourself – and it all starts with a good web hosting service.

Some people might think that web hosting services are similar, and that other tools are not essential.
If you’re in the web hosting industry, there are many other things more important than that.

Here are 5 important tools that you should be using:

1.    Web Hosting Service

Without a doubt, if you don’t have one of those servers, you need a reliable hosting service to offer your clients. Business owners may have various needs, and a shared hosting may not be the only thing that you need. You would also require dedicated packages, or VPS hosting – to meet every business owner’s needs.

When you check those top web hosting companies, you’ll see that they offer a diverse range of packages – making them more preferred as compared to other companies that just offer either shared or dedicated. You have to make sure that you can cope up with what everyone needs, as their business, preferences, and budget may also vary at the same time.

2.    Website Builder

After hosting the domain, what comes next? Building a website. For smaller businesses, some of them may not afford to hire a professional web designer. It is essential, that at least until they can hire one, they’ll be able to build their website, and add some basic elements and pages so they can start building their online portfolio and credibility.

A website builder, especially those with drag and drop features can be helpful to smaller and start-up businesses as laying out everything doesn’t have to be difficult. Not everyone is familiar with PHP, CSS or even HTML, which is why you need to make sure that everything is made easy for them. Check out cPanel RVSiteBuilder 5.4

3.    Email Forms

Let’s just say that the majority of business owners are “non-technie”, yet they need something that can help them with their day to day business operations. What better way to be reached than through e-mails? While there are third-party plugins that can be downloaded, getting your own email form tool makes it easier for everyone to set up their website, and add the forms without having to go through the hustles and bustles of finding which tool works well for them.

4.    WordPress

The majority of websites use WordPress – why? WordPress, used to be one of the most popular blogging platforms, is also now the top choice when it comes to creating a website because of its ease of use, diverse theme options, and advanced features. Initially, everyone can create their own site using one of WP’s themes, but when the time comes that they’ll need their site to have advanced features, a designer and/or developer will be able to tweak their WordPress settings to achieve their website’s goals.

By making sure that everyone you’re hosting for has the capability to install WP – or you might be missing out on a lot of clients.

5.    Social Media Share Buttons

Lastly, we can’t ignore the importance of social media services and websites at this point. As mentioned earlier, social media services can help spread the word related to your online visibility. Let your clients add these buttons or give them the capability to share their post and incorporate with their web hosting package for better exposure.

There are many other tools everyone in the web hosting industry needs, but these five are the most essential. Make sure you have each and every one of those to thrive in this industry.

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