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Vodien Group

IWI is a brand under Vodien Group, trusted by over 35,000 businesses and 230,000 users worldwide.

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As our company name implies, "IT Works Internet" for you


We have everything you need to get your business and online portal on the Internet. We make it easy and affordable for any small, medium and large multi national organizations.


There's no substitute to having experience and expertise of our technical support on your side. We can help to evaluate and anticipate your needs and develop a plan to meet your goals.


At IWI, we will do everything possible to help you present your ideas to the world. So if you're looking for custom solutions, we can accommodate to your needs.


With IWI, customers can expect the highest level of technical support and services in the shortest possible response time.


  • Prompt and attentive, in particular, Chan & Francis. Understand the urgency and the need to recover the email access for the customer. Keep it up.

    Learning & Development GemsView All Testimonials
  • The staff and technical support team are very fast in their response. they are very careful as they will verify my identity before they proceed my request. I have no problem with them and will continue to have IWI as my host.

    Steven Ho, All Testimonials
  • Assistance and response were very fast and accurate. Helped me to resolve the issue within a half hour!

    Shamla Ramasamy, All Testimonials
  • Edward was attentive and patient. He resolved my issue and I'm glad that the support rendered by iwi is always there.

    Ian Gan, 13659443View All Testimonials
  • Hi Michael, Thank you for accommodating the changes in the quotation for our company's needs. Your assistance is very much appreciated!

    Ronda Lim, pacificmarketplace.sgView All Testimonials
  • I expected to have someone contacting me to hear my request instead of receiving a system generated invoices and follow up reminders to pay up. On 23 Apr 2018, Elmer contacted me and explained at length on the features of the email domain and have addressed all my concerns. Thank you, Elmer, for your patience and understanding my concerns and provided me simple notes for my future reference.

    Sharon Chan, camelottrustees.comView All Testimonials
  • Very happy with the prompt solutions we are getting. Thanks to Megan and the team.

    Adeline, All Testimonials

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Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server provides you with a larger amount of uptime, greater server access, the ability to use custom applications, greater security, greater bandwidth and superior iwi technical team support.

Server Colocation

Our service makes it easy for your company to focus on its core business while IWI provides the bandwidth, secure controlled infrastructure and expert 24x7 technical support management.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting provides security and no fuss scalability. There will be no downtime as compared to conventional hosting. Structural components are more robust with enterprise level coverage.

Email Hosting

Unlimited email accounts allow you to create as many email accounts under the mail space allocated. It gives you the flexibilities to assign the mail quota for a particular email account.

Domain Name

With IWI, customers can expect the highest level of technical support and services in the shortest possible response time.


We provides superior support services to our valued customers through a team of customer support professionals.
Our experienced technical support staff are fully committed to addressing and supporting all our customers needs.

At IT Works Internet, there is much more to do, and many ways to do it.
If you're getting the most out of life, then we are here to help you.

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